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This is what you missed.

River Region TV Show on 11/9/13 featured JT & Leanne on location at Art Unleashed at the Blount Cultural Park. We also catch up with Frankie 30lb Cat, Stop by the NEW Fleet Feet in MGM and Highlight other local fun in our community.


Click here to watch the 10/27/13 River Region TV Show

This is what you missed…..

Don’t miss the River Region TV Show with JT & Leanne this Sunday, October 27th at Noon on WSFA12 News!  They’re getting ready for Halloween with some great costume ideas (especially for couples), Leanne talks with some of the local vendors who were at Holiday Market this year about great holiday gift ideas & Diana Bunch from visits JT & Leanne and the entire crew of kids and furkids at home to take their pictures!  Don’t miss this hilarious behind the scenes footage of their recent photo shoot!  It’s Sunday at Noon on WSFA12 News!

Fashion Info heard on MIX 103.3….. with Vanessa

I met Vanessa at the Ladies First event that was held about a week ago.  I was so impressed with her appearance and presence I JUST HAD TO MEET HER! I am so blessed to have made contact with her and she is going to be calling MIX 1033 about once a month to update us on the trends and what’s in and what’s out! Here is a summary of what you heard on MIX 1033… and if you missed it – Don’t miss out on the great info from Vanessa with Clarity Image Consulting (


Multi-texture Mania!
-The mixing of textures is a big fall trend- lace, tweeds, leather and velvet.
-This can be seen in clothing throughout department stores and boutiques
-To create this look on a budget: pull from your closet or thrift stores, alter
  if necessary.
-First, select a focal piece e.g. Leather jacket.
-Add a less dominant piece e.g. Tweed skirt.
-When purchasing, invest in pieces that portray the flavor of the trend that won’t easily become   outdated, giving you more bang for your buck in the long run.
Fall Accessory Alert
-Pointed toe shoes- great way to make your legs appear longer, especially when yourpants and shoe color matches.
-Statement necklaces- still in demand this fall:  chunky, whether short or long.  Caution: be conscious of scale.
-Smaller handbags- while we love our totes and large bags because they hold EVERYTHING, the newest trend leans toward small to medium sized in structured or geometric shapes.
Transitioning from Fall into Winter
-Obvious solution:  pull out your heavy coat.
-A less bulky approach is to layer with camisoles, shirts & sweaters and accessorize with scarves, tights and boots.
-Incorporate colors of Fall /Winter 2013- olive, emerald, sapphire, oxblood red or burgundy, eggplant, earthy neutrals.
-Ankle boots are versatile and can be worn with pants or tights. However, the knee highs are still ideal for cold, wintry days.

What a past 7 days!

My poor Pebbles.  She has been struggling with her back issues. Last Sunday, she must have irritated something in her back.  Monday it got really bad.  She couldn’t even take a couple of steps.  Dr. Dee has been amazing and has taken such good care of her.  Tuesday and Wednesday she still didn’t get any better, but no worse.  As of today, we have started to see progress.  We were able to get an xray done of her back and it is not a bulging or slipped disc – which means no surgery.  🙂  It appears she has arthritis and 2 disc are starting to fuse together.  We believe that she will keep getting better.  She is trying to walk a lot now and it’s hard to keep her contained.  I have finally found a diaper that she will keep on.  My goodness she can get out of anything.  I was about ready to get the duct tape on her butt Petsmart in Prattville had the trick.  Thank goodness!

Our girls – Kim is with her friend in Pensacola for a few days and Beccah is with her friend in Pensacola visiting her mom. I am so glad.  Beccah misses her mom so much.  It is hard to believe we are planning her 13th birthday party. It is Saturday – it seems like yesterday she was 6.

JT’s dad is visiting for about a week.  I am so glad to see him.  JT loves the visits and it worked out good that the girls were out of town due to the fact that we have no extra room 🙂

I am going to get us registered this week for the “Walk of Life” 5k this week.  Mark your calendars for April 20th. It will be a great time – find some crazy pink to wear!

Make sure to catch the River Region TV Show – it’s a double feature weekend. Friday, March 29th at Noon on CW and on Saturday, March 30th at 11a.  Set the DVR or watch it LIVE but don’t miss the show!



Family & Work update…

ImageMIX 103.3 – Today’s Hits Yesterday’s Favorites, we have changed our logo and positioning statement.  Visit our website, and our MIX 1033 Facebook Fan page for all the info on great prizes. This week we are so lucky to have Elton John tickets, Toadlick Music Festival tickets and Duck Dynasty tickets to give away.  You must become a fan of MIX 1033 to be in the know. Matt Silverwood, our British legeng, is now on 3p – 7p. We are so thrilled to have local talent during the drive home.  John Tesh will still provide you “Intelligence for Your Life”, but now from 7p – midnight.  Post on our Facebook page if you just LOVE the new lineup!  JT and I are still on for the ride to work and school and Jen is middays – 10a-3p.

“Don’t let your history define your destiny” Pastor Ric from Destiny Christian Center – 3/17/13

We all need to remember that quote.  While raising 3 teenage daughters, 2 of which live with us full time, in a step parenting family – it is good to remember the quote above.  When it seems like your child keeps deciding to take the wrong path – it is good to know WE SURVIVED AND SO DID OUR PARENTS.  I had to laugh last night, I was telling one of them that we know what they do and how they think because we did the same sort of bone head mistakes and we did it without Facebook or an iphone! I don’t know how our parents survived and we are learning that the saying our parents put on us was so true – One day you will have kids just like you! Were we that crazy?  Yes, we were.  Prayer, prayer and more prayer, I keep telling JT. We will survive.

I don’t think I have given an update on our furkids, lately.  Pebbles and BamBam are great (they are our oldest and the originals). Freddie and Wilma, the youngest two are so much like brother and sister, it is insane.  They play and fight and love on each other all the time.  We have had Wilma for almost a year. It was last year’s Dog U Tante Ball that we fell in love with her. Lastly, there is Snickers – our hairless wonder currently.  Poor thing.  Snickers was leaving furballs everywhere on our hardwood and Dr. Dee had to come over this past weekend and give him a trim.. JT is happy, is Snickers?  NO!


The River Region TV Show is going amazing. I can’t brag on my hubby enough.  He puts so much time and energy into radio and now TV, I don’t know when he finds the time to sleep and be a dad, but he does. I am so lucky to have caught a great one. Make sure you check us out every Friday on CW at noon and 2 weekends a month on WSFA12 News.  You can always visit our website, for more info on show times and click the RRTV Extra Tab for new videos.  Always entertaining.

Have a great rest of the week and better weekend… catch up again soon.


2013 – It’s going to be a great one!


Already middle of January. Holy Cow! Time flies.  Our holiday was great.  JT and I hope that everyone’s was as well.  It was so good to have Ashlee home.  We had so much fun.  It was kind of cool being the fun parent for a change.  She got to catch up with some friends, go horseback riding, we went to the Christmas Lights Festival at the Montgomery Zoo and many other things. Plus it was nice to just chill and hang with Kim and Ashlee. I did cry at the airport when she flew home. It would have been ok if she didn’t turn back. Then she saw me and started crying. I hate good byes!  They bite!  Rebeccah went to her mom’s in Texas.  She had a lot of fun, too. She got to see snow and almost didn’t make it back to Prattville on time.  But, the weather was in our favor.  School is going good for all the girls.  Our next big family event is Rebeccah turning 13. My goodness, it is has to believe when JT and I got together she was 4.  LOL… You blink and they are teenagers.  But right now, no boyfriends, no drama and all As and Bs.  It is a good day.  All of our doggies are great and Snickers our kittie is doing good, too.

The River Region TV show is moving full steam ahead.  We are very excited that we have been on the TV for 7 months. We have learned so much and enjoying every minute of it.  We have great clients and we enjoy highlighting local people, events and sharing some of our crazy life with our viewers.  We are on every Friday on CW and 2 times a month on WSFA12 News.  Our partnership with both stations is amazing.  Check us out online at JT and I will have to work on a blooper reel soon. They are so many of them it would be hard to choose…

MIX 1033 is going good, too.  I am enjoying being back on the radio. We are so busy hitting the streets and I love it.  We are delivering donuts 3x a week, Limo Lunch every Tuesday and this Thursday we start our Rewards for Reading back up.  We will be in the classrooms once a month encouraging elementary age kids to READ and have fun doing it!  We have some new advertisers on with us as well. Sylvan Learning Center and we are getting some new Morning Show sponsors and you will be hearing about them soon!  Elton John is coming to the Garrett and is now a Live Nation Venue. That is huge!  MPAC has Kenny Rogers and Little Big Town and MacBeth is at ASF!  So many great things to do!

One of my New Years Resolutions was to get this last 10 pounds off and I am almost there, thanks to the folks at The Weight Clinic in Prattville.  They are helping a lot!  I couldn’t do it without them.  JT and I are working on spending more down time together. We are making us a priority as well.

We are still writing for The Pride of Montgomery, a monthly publication and we are in RSVP Magazine – which just celebrated 5 years! I am so excited for Kim Traff and the staff. They are a great asset to the River Region.

This was the first year I got the flu shot.  So far so good.  I didn’t get sick. I was afraid that I would.  The flu this year is so bad and I am petrified of getting the flu that I decided I better get one or suffer the consequences.

About the only things we have left to accomplish on our January list is to purchase a new car.  We are debating on that one. We are excited about getting one, just have to find the right one for us.  Our Durango is almost paid off and we don’t want 2 vehicle payments.

We are taking a mini vacation in March to go to the Smokeys.  We are going to see George Strait in Knoxville. I can’t wait. This is his last year of touring and JT and I decided that we better go while he is sort of close. It will be so much fun. I can’t wait.

Well, I think I have caught everyone up on what is going on in our crazy lives…. Keep listening to MIX 1033 – weekday morning from 6a – 10a and get signed up for all the cool contests at!  We love meeting our listeners and making new friends!

Til’ next time….


What a week!

Well, I have survived my first full week back plus one day! It was great being back on air with JT. Just like riding a bike.  It is a lot of fun this time of year, especially, because of the Christmas music.  There are so many requests, so many opinions, but we have learned you can’t please everyone all the time. We do our best! While I was getting acclimated to the morning show, I was also figuring out how to populate our new website. HOLY COW – kinda but not really user friendly. We all get used to how things work and then BAM! they change it all up on you – minus some key features.  But, with progress come growing pains – so we are working on it.. famous last words. LOL!

I am doing something new for ME before I have to.  I have started going to “The Weight Clinic” in Prattville.  It’s off McQueen Smith Rd.  I am getting off these last lingering 10 pounds that won’t leave!  I have been going for a week on Saturday. The shots are not bad and the appetite suppressants are great! I have to remind myself to eat. Great one on one session with the Dr. Also some great ideas on tracking what you eat and guides to follow.  And it is not a one size fits all shop. Very individual and friendly environment!  My neighbor has had great success, so much so that her hubby is now going. Another friend of mine is also going and doing very well! I have seen the results and was so happy to go in and meet the staff.  They have Christmas Special right now and if you say that I told you about it, after you sign up – you get a free shot!  Very affordable and very effective. I am getting started before the actual eating part of Christmas starts! I feel great and love the OBGYN and the RNs there!  Call them – 358-9262 and ask for Kelly! And remember my favorite line – Nothing Tastes at good as Skinny Feels! lol

The kids are doing great! Kim and Beccah are getting used to getting up w/out me here. Kim has said that she misses me in the am.  That makes me feel good. Beccah gets up so early to get herself ready (I don’t know what she does – lol) we hear her alarm going off as we are walking out the door in the am.

Taping for our TV show!

Taping for our TV show!

We have been busy filming our TV show, The River Region TV Show w/JT & Leanne on every Friday on CW at noon and on 2 weekends a month on WSFA12News.  Plus we are now writing for the Pride of Montgomery Magazine and trying to keep up with it all.  I wouldn’t know what to do with only one 8-5 job. JT would drive us both crazy!  We are meeting great folks like Frankie the 30lb cat! He has his own facebook page.  We also got to go and pick out our Christmas Tree at Wadsworth Christmas Tree Farm in Wetumpka. It was an experience! We filmed it all for the TV show – so you wont miss a thing.  I was driving, Kim and Beccah were listening to their ipods/phone and JT was sleeping. Thank goodness for GPS!  Kim, our oldest, was  good sport. She wasn’t crazy about coming but she did and was very respectful and a good sport, especially after she saw the cute boy who was there loading trees.. (She has good taste!)… Rebeccah picked out our Christmas tree this year.  It is special to have her here.  She will be with her mom for Christmas this year, but we have her with us to decorate, etc….  She picked out a “Big and Chunky” Christmas Tree! We are used to skinny ones! JT wore his Tacky Christmas sweater and it was a big hit!  Great for pics and we already have requests to borrow it!  We made it back home with no problems… Until I forgot that the tree was on the top of the truck and attempted to pull in the garage.  LOL!  Everyone survived, but my ego didn’t.. Then the Christmas Tree stand we had from last year, didn’t work.  Kim and I had to go to Walmart to find a better one. Kim did great, she found one for $8! We finally get back home and we get the tree up, add water, JT trims it – funny, and then we have to take a leaf out of the dining room table and move it to the side and move the couch and recliner over, but JT made it all fit! WHEW!  It was a fun experience, one we will all never forget!

Our doggies are great and Snickers loves this time of year!  His favorite place is under the Christmas tree!  My present this year to Freddie will be the light up leash from Walmart, and the other doggies will get some treats and they all will get bones! Snickers, well, I will let him enjoy his spot for a little bit. He isn’t a snack cat, not a fan.

His fav new spot!

His fav new spot!

Ashlee, who is in Texas with her dad this school year, will be home on December 20th! I can’t wait! We are going to visit her favorite places, ASF, Birmingham Malls & Jose’s Mexican Cantina! I can’t wait to get her home for Christmas! It will be a good one.

I hope you like the pics that go along with this crazy recap of a story!

**to see where the doggies were while taking this pic – click the pic!***